B Boy Pole

254857_10150207290300326_4842728_nPeter Davis AKA B-Boy Pole, who started performing during 2002 at many events and private shows, is well renown for being possibly one of the most influential and old school breakdancers on the British dance scene. He incorporates all genres of music in his dance routines and constantly continues to baffle the viewer with his head spinning talent. (Yes we’re proud of that pun, get over it.)

B-Boy Pole has featured in major advertising campaigns for the likes of GateCrasher, Glastonbury, Adidas, Nike, Tate Modern, Smirnoff Ice, Move It and Activision. On top of this he has performed for Dizzee Rascal’s tour, as well as Sean Paul’s. He has also breakdanced in an Alisha Dixon music video. But it’s not all commercial campaigns! No… He teaches dance classes for under-privileged school children in Africa and his award-winning teaching style has lead in the teaching of dance within the country, sparking a rise in youth breakdance crews around their local area. One of these crews also went on to win the national competition Tru-skool and have a sponsorship in JJB Sports.

Pete is part of a crew called Floor Crusaders, formed in 2000 after members from Brighton and Chichester crews met. Since then, through various performances and training sessions, the crew has expanded to include 9 active members (including a 10 year old). Benefiting from a very diverse cultural background coming from countries such as Italy, Ghana, Russia, Belgium, Spain and the US they manage to deliver breathtaking performances every time.

The group has performed and taken part in breakdance competitions and events throughout the UK and Europe while still taking a very active in their hometowns of Brighton, Chichester and Portsmouth. The crew memebers can often be seen performing and enjoying themselves as well as providing lessons for socially excluded young people, students and adults all over the world.

Check out the Adidas advert he’s featured in that we’ve embedded below, he’s the realllllly tall guy in the white hoody with green trackies.

Written By Max Necus (@MaxNecus)

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