At the forefront of grime music – We listen to Tumble Audio’s Roadman Anthems


When it comes to movements within EDM, there are few gaining momentum as fast as Tumble Audio. As well as organising sell out shows up and down the country, their tenth release Roadman Anthems was made available today for digital download. The artist roster for this project is enormous, each bringing something individual and slightly kooky to Tumble Audio’s ever expanding fan base. Some of the featured artists you may have heard of include Majora, Hadean, Timbah, Filthy Vicars and even Tumble’s own founders Killjoy and Hank Limit.

Overall, this project is a must listen for anybody with any interest in grime and bassline. Considering that every project usually has its weak points, the production value of every track is quite astounding. One of the stand out tracks featured is Deadbeat’s VIP version of Wheel It Up, the original of which was released on Tumble Audio earlier this year. The sharp percussive leads on Lyka’s Whole Meal and the relentless shuffling drum work on Conducta’s track Stronger wouldn’t sound out of place on any dancefloor either.

Overall there is no weak point to this collection. The diversity of bass genres used is fantastic and each track fits into the whole project whilst bringing it’s own personality to the mix. The majority of the release can be heard through the SoundCloud link above.

• Roadman Anthems can be purchased Via JunoDownload by clicking here.

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