SYZ and ORCA team up yet again to create ‘Astral Haze’


As part of SYZ’s ’14:15:16′ release on SoundCloud, Brighton boys SYZ and ORCA have collaborated to produce Astral Haze. The pair have been working together for a long time – since college, in fact.

Talking about their first days producing together at college, ORCA said “I seem to remember those days in the studio being such a laugh, watching shit YouTube videos and pissing about with reversed recordings of our own voices etc. It’s amazing we even managed to make any tracks.”

Since then, they’ve continued to work together, most noticeably on the 2014 release Outtaspace.

When asked about how the tune came about, ORCA responded, “It’s been a few years since Outtaspace, and both our musical tastes have changed.”

He continued by stating that the two of them have matured since then (2014) and Astral Haze is the cumulative result of that.

Describing SYZ as a “rhythmic wizard,” ORCA mentioned that there’s more to come from himself and SYZ.

“Both our production styles have always seemed to blend really well. We are currently in talks about working on a much larger project together. Watch out for it!”

Listen to Astral Haze here:

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