Are TIGERCUB the new generation of rock n’ roll?


There was no better way in starting December, than going to TIGERCUB’s Single launch at London Road’s Bleach. Prior to this event, I had not seen the alternate rock trio live, but was excited to do so, as I have heard so many promising things about the band. TIGERCUB are apart of Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes’ New record label – Jazz Life. I have been a big fan of BRS for years and was interested in exploring what they had to offer from their new project. Man, have they done good in finding this new gem. TIGERCUB are pure noise at its best whilst intertwining elements of Progrock, Punk, Pop and even psychedelic beats into the mix. These guys really are the new faces of the big arena that is the Alternative Rock scene.

Unfortunately I did not make it down to the venue in time for the first support act Tusks, yet after listening to their new single, I understand why they were chosen support. The track, entitled ‘Across the Sea’, combines an ambient atmosphere whilst hitting it hard with brutal drum beats and deep basslines. They manage to get this balance just right, it is progrock combined with calm soothing vocals, with the occasional outbursts of scream. Just from this one single, I’m hooked and need to check out the rest of their material.

I did however make it in time, for the second support act – Kagoule, made up of two guys, one girl. This band kept you on your toes. They didn’t conform to just one genre, but did maintain a hard-hitting post-rock vibe throughout. The Nottingham band gave such an interesting, energetic performance. The male lead had this calm, still persona going on, whist the female jumped around the stage, thrashing out big dynamic guitar riffs. The lead’s voice was charming and soft, similar to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, yet quickly changed into menacing screams, wanting to keep an element of surprise. Their music endeavours into garage rock but also post punk; it was hardcore bliss. It was very Placebo-ish with female poetic vocals particularly in the song – ‘Mike’ but also encompassed some real heavy drum beats and bouncy basslines. I’d really recommend this group, they are not one thing or another. Were they like Elastica? Placebo? The French? No they sounded like Kagoule.

┬áBleach was jam-packed and the indie hip crowd were ready to take on TIGERCUB. As the three boys climbed onto stage they were welcomed by a loud roar of cheers. The group joked throughout the night about being baffled at the sheer turnout who had come to support their single launch; but I was not surprised. The band is increasingly becoming bigger and better and I think it may be too late to claim that I knew these guys before they were famous. They are in a for an explosive journey! Anyway, the boys put on an immense show. It was so refreshing to hear just intense noise again, I feel this has been slightly lost within the Alternative Rock scene. It is noise, in an impulsive, intriguing way, not just for the sake of it. Particularly as they explored many different music styles and have thrown them all together to create something electrifying. Yes, it was an exploration of full on head banging and mosh pit anthems, but it also consisted of delicate, subtle harmonies. Especially the single ‘Get a Job’ that highlights sweet vocals contrasting with crude guitar bashing riffs. They are very much a garage rock band, with classic dirty basslines and deep subliminal beats; in fact TIGERCUB have revitalised a genre that has been out of the spotlight for too long – grunge. Maybe it was just because of the thrashing instrumentals combined with soft, obscure vocals, but the band have Nirvana blood within their music. The lead singer even imitated Kurt’s trademark long locks!

Having said that, the band’s music definitely had trippy, psychedelic attributes within it. One song in particular, followed a format similar to The Beatles later material, yet mixed with hardcore riffs and a daunting tempo. As for their latest single ‘Centrefold’ – this also explores heavy psychedelic beats intertwined amongst pure, intense noise. With a voice that at moments sounds like Ian Brown, it is jamming pop melodies met with loud garage rock. True Rock and Roll guitar solos mixed with sensational trippy vibes. The gig was something else. TIGERCUB are going places, they really are the new generation of rock n’ roll.

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