An Introduction to the Art of Delilah Holiday

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Delilah Holiday started off drawing death scenes containing her primary school teachers and has since gone on to hone her artistic skills and desire to draw into becoming a successful and innovative artist.

She dropped the homicidal vibe and took inspiration from a number of artists such as Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Crumb and Jean-Michel Basquait. She also took influence from a number of artistic movements such as the German Expressionist Movement of the early 20th century.



Delilah’s illustration work is mainly centred on black and white surrealist cartoons, similar to the work of Robert Crumb, however she has done some work with colour which is reminiscent of the work of Jean-Michel Basquit. She has even gained some work as illustrator designing the artwork for the band Slaves single “Where’s Your Car Debbie”, Delilah has also designed the logo, artwork and merchandise for her own band Skinny Girl Diet.



Some of Delilah’s most recent work is more physical as she has taken art off the page and into the real world with a sculpting project and as well as some work combining fashion and art. One of her most recent projects entitled “At What Age Did You Lose Your Compassion” features clay sculptures of female dolls explores the idea of cultural surroundings and the customs we are surrounded with at birth and brought up in and how they can affect someone’s identity, interests and opinions in later life.


Delilah’s main goal as an artist is to just communicate how she sees the world, “if I see someone I find interesting, when I get home I’ll draw them and stuff like that, it’s just documenting life”. Her work is mainly influenced by the society that she lives in and what she experiences.
Delilah Holiday provides a charmingly surreal look into society and youth culture through her expressionist view point and at her young age already has a clear identity and a clear message as well as having a definite idea of who she would like to become. As the years go on and she continues to develop her art Delilah could easily become a key figure in the art world.

Words by George Metcalf (@GeorgeMetcalf_1)

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