‘An Exceptional Standard’ – Standard Jam Presents: Roska/Dismantle


Overall, this was a highly pleasing event to have been invited to attend. Despite a few technical issues which we will get into a little later, the event ran smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The event was moderately busy from the moment we arrived at around 11:45. To my surprise we were invited back stage and it was a genuine pleasure to trade words with one of pioneers of funky house in the UK, Roska.

Whilst all this was going on I was very happy to hear a relevant set from Emile Martin and the rest of the Standard Jam DJ’s which had clearly been thought out before. The appearance of Mosca’s ‘Done Me Wrong’ was also a pleasant surprise. In general the tune selection was spot on and appropriate.

Despite a lack of introduction, Roska then happened, which was good, despite his lack of appearances in Brighton over the last four years he read the crowd perfectly. It was a set I was hoping to see. A blend of newschool house music with classic funky material. The funky mix of ‘Neighborhood’ went down a storm! The blend from that into bassline was also spot on. In general I was delighted at the enthusiasm that Roska brought to the event, it was the first person I had seen in a while who looked genuinely excited to perform.


As I mentioned earlier there were a few sound issues midway through Roska’s set which were attributed to a concert which took place earlier in the day. It was unfortunate but didn’t take away much from Roska’s impeccable selection and smooth transitioning.

After having our drinks refilled numerous times by the promotional team, it was time for Dismantle to take to his home town stage. In general his sets are known for their high energy selection and blend percussive leads and 4×4 goodness. Our William didn’t let us down at all, with what can only be described as a flawless set. It had everything from carnival rhythms to jungle breaks – from UKG to disco, it was all there. The only slight downside to the set which even I was guilty off was the constant flooding of the stage. When DJ’ing it can get pretty annoying when you have 8/9 people leaning over you permanently who are friends of friends of friends, but anyhoo…


This was the first time in a while I have been to an EDM event and enjoyed near enough everyone’s company, from the promoters to performers everyone seemed to be involved to have a good time, which is always a bonus. This was another great event put together by the Standard Jam boys and we are very excited to see what they bring to the table at their next event! Be sure to check out our photos by clicking here!

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