Alley-Kats is an independent clothing label based in the South of England. Creative designs all hand drawn by the staff themselves, they bring a fun, likeable personality to the table, which is absent from a lot of designers work.

Their ethos is ‘creativity and originality before trends and fashion’ this is evident when looking at the new line. No short-cuts were taken in terms of quality of the garments; comfortable, well constructed pieces, diversity between products, monochromatic as well as colourful yet understated t-shirts and jumpers, all made simply because the owners enjoyed making them.

With a re-vamp to the website having just taken place, a promotional sale is available across the line. Alley-Kats have designed some of the best apparel in the country, so go on their website and take a look for yourself.


Written by Charlie Hyams (@Charles_Hyams)

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