Adam The Rapper & Sherlock Bones – Don’t Move


After what seems to be an internal break, Rum Committee’s Sherlock Bones teams up with the ever expanding talents of Adam The Rapper to create a brand new album. ‘Don’t Move’ is a pretty extensive look into how talented both of the artists are in their respective fields and it was a genuine pleasure to listen to. This is the first full vocal project we have heard from Adam since his appearance on the ‘Adam & Cuth’ EP some time ago, so there was a fair amount riding on the consistency of the project, he didn’t disappoint.

Adam’s smooth vocal delivery allows for both easy and or intense listening depending on what place the listener wishes to approach the album from. There are serious messages mixed in amidst a goody bag of delightful sounds and easing vocal tones. ‘Me and My Liquor’ ironically represents this blend quite well. Adam’s well thought out rhyme patterns are performed in such a relaxed manor the seriousness of the message seems a lot easier to digest.

There are a few more light hearted moments throughout the project however and ‘Day Off’ is a perfect example. Despite the slightly fearful instrumental the lyricism Adam presents us with is pretty enjoyable, discussing, well basically how laid back he takes his days off. I think Adam is very good at summing up what you need to remain interesting as a Hip Hop MC in the UK today, a clear ability with written content and the wisdom to know how much to apply it.

“Hey mister, hit that marimba” is one of my favourite lyrics from the whole album, simply because of its timing and this is the first two lines of “Fuxtaposition”. A marimba plays a lead role in this instrumentals melodic structure, and it’s just an enjoyable lyric to have thrown in there. There are a number of these enjoyable one liners spread across the whole project, mixed in with the more complex and explanatory vocal patterns.
Bones has certainly held up his end of the bargain as well. Every instrumental seems to be very precisely thought out, as each track slides perfectly in to place amongst the recordings around it yet has no need of either of the tracks either side. As well is this both ‘Down Time’ and ‘Morning Steps In’ work as great soundscape interludes.

This is another great completed project to come out of the South this year, which is looking like one of the strongest in the history UK Hip Hop. Be sure to check out the album and download it for free via the BandCamp player below.

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