About Soapbox

Founded in Brighton, Soapbox use a range of media to promote up and coming musicians, artists, designers, brands and local causes. We aim to provide a platform for people to get their voice and views across, and also to provide interesting cultural content to our readers.

Created in 2012, Soapbox pushes and promotes high quality and under-appreciated material. We attend events up and down the country, taking photos, making short promo films and writing reviews. This allows people to look at our coverage and reminisce on how good the night was, or kick themselves for not going and make a silent promise to go next time.

The team also aims to review and interview music artists that we feel have potential or deserve to have the limelight, to widen their audience and make sure that people enjoy the music as much as we do. Our culture side features anything from graffiti and art to clothing lines and anything in-between.

The members of Soapbox are:

We’d love to hear from any artists, musicians, writers, bands, distributors, event organisers and promoters, designers and anyone else who’d like to get featured! We don’t like to specify who or what we feature as everyone deserves to stand on a Soapbox. Simply hit us up either via email, or on our contact page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.