“A vigorous dose of seizure-inducing UK Trap” – We listen to Ozzie’s new EP


It’s always good to see Brighton’s musicians embark on new projects, so when we heard about this new EP from Ozzie, we had to get a copy. Released through TrapDoor Records, ‘Regime’ provides us with a vigorous dose of seizure-inducing UK Trap, something we haven’t heard from Ozzie in a while. 

While keeping elements of his more recent style, Ozzie has also moved back to the traditional, hard hitting form of trap music that got him where he is today. The trap and hip-hop influences really shine through the entirety of the release, giving the whole work a degree of underlying euphonic togetherness. Each and every track on this EP goes off – the drop in Lights Out might be too much for some to handle, but it certainly sets the pace for the rest of the EP.

The EP starts off with Lights Out, which has a raw, gritty timbre which is not unlike the latter part of Flechette’s “Caravan” – expect to hear this noise all over SoundCloud. Gangsta, a track that sums up Ozzie’s more recent style, is up next. The well sampled vocals, taken from Kat Dahlia’s song of the same name, are layered over a lithe, yet riveting instrumental. Announced by a section of grandiose horns, the final track Wario’s Castle drops into a torrent of distorted basslines and digitalised high pitched vocals. If you really think about it, what Ozzie has done here is provide us with a trap banger that contains trance-esque elements.

Following their launch party in London, this EP is another blast from the resurgent TrapDoor Records. The future-sound pioneers are really making sure they keep all bases covered, with events, great releases and a talented roster of artists from a plurality of genres. It will be interesting to see what TrapDoor have lined up, as it’s fair to say, they seem to be the only UK label releasing this sort of music.

Download the full “Regime” EP here.

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