A Reintroduction To The Wytches


If you are local to Brighton there’s no doubt you’ve seen or heard the name “The Wytches” somewhere as they’re all anyone in the Brighton music can talk about at the moment, and for good reason. The band need no introduction, but having been busy touring the country this year they’ve slipped under the radar in Brighton!

The Wytches are a psychedelic/surf band, who formed in Peterborough in 2011 and are now based in Brighton. The trio have been exploding into the UK music scene over the past couple of years and with good reason.

Working with Liam Watson in Toe Rag Studios (the same producer and studio which gave birth to “Elephant” by The White Stripes) for their first single “Beehive Queen,” The Wytches have caused violent ripples in the alternative scene.

Taking a look at the darker side of the psychedelic movement of the 60’s they could easily be the soundtrack to a bad trip at Woodstock. Combining eerily beautiful guitar, deafening bass, and singer Kristian Bell’s haunting vocals, The Wytches create a beautifully dark sound reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s first, self-titled, album.

They released their debut self-titled record earlier this year on Hate Hate Hate Records; the release featured the songs “Beehive Queen”, “Digsaw” and “Crying Clown”, each tracked blending perfectly together from the frantic sound of “Beehive Queen” to the sombre lows of “Crying Clown”.

The trio then later went on to release the “Thunder Lizard Revised” tape in September and have recently followed that up with a the release of a new single called “Robe Of Juda” – all to a very good reception.

This year The Wytches have supported some of the biggest bands in their scene such as Metz and The Growlers. They’ve also played at Reading and Leeds, amongst a few other festivals.

If this year is anything to go by, The Wytches definitely have it in them to become one of the biggest bands in the British music scene and with how things have been going its quite clear The Wytches have a very bright future.

Written by George Metcalf

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