2nd Class Citizens – The Route Of All Evil – Review

2nd Class Citizens - The Route Of All Evil

De Facto Entertainment team up with the Isle of Wight hip-hop trio that consists of Bobby Ballz, Budge & DJ Leeboi forming the group by the name of “2nd Class Citizenz”. The love child of this partnership is the phenomenal E.P called “The Route of All Evil” which I am a huge fan of. Tracks such as “Brainstorm” give us instrumentals that were eerily reminiscent of old school hip hop beats with a slower edge, it definitely was a throwback to production used in the late 80’s/ early 90’s hip hop.

Simple yet effective production compliments the engaging and thought provoking lyricism as they work very well in unison to make some great tracks. It was refreshing to listen to music which breaks the stereotypical mindset of a lot of hip hop artists as it seems to be a gag reflex to rap about how they make it rain in the club with girls at a click of their finger for the majority of hip hop artists that flood the scene.

The lead single on the E.P is called “Devil In Disguise” which you can currently watch on De Facto Entertainment’s YouTube Page. The song epitomises the trio’s music as they use the winning formula throughout the E.P of slow beats, catchy hooks and highly complex yet well thought out lyrics in their verses. You find yourself nodding along to an instrumental but not overwhelmed to the point where you can’t take in the well structured verses on each of the songs which was something I appreciated as a battle-rap fan and a highly lyric-biased fan of hip-hop.

“The Route of All Evil” E.P will be available as a free download from the 31st of January on the De Facto Entertainment website (www.defactontertainment.com) which is something I highly recommend for fans of UK hip hop.

De Facto Entertainment is currently working with a different group called “Natural Selection” as well. The combination of Brother Beatbox and Deeflux has already seen two products released on their band camp (http://naturalselectionuk.bandcamp.com/) called “Rhythm by Numbers” & “Tape Decks”. Teaming up with De Facto Entertainment allows them to release another 4 tracks which will be on the E.P “Au Naturel”. They take 4 classics from their previous two pieces of work and strip them down to their acoustic bones.

“Au Naturel” will be released as a free download once again on De Facto Entertainment’s website on the 28th of February as they look to provide an insight into a future piece called “Rawganic” that will be released later in the year.

Composed by Luca Olias (@lucaolias)


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